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Foundations Week 5: Quarantine Challenge

This week in foundations was an interesting one… We the students were tasked with a new assignment each day from the previous where we did things like try on as many clothes as possible, build a magnificent fort, make our own quarantine mask, create a composition using our clothes as the primary material as well as researching our favorite article of clothing, and recreating a photo from the Smithsonian photo gallery.

Here is my attempt at wearing all my clothes accompanied by my little brother.

*Video Coming Soon*

Next up is something I am incredibly proud of. Introducing, Club Quarantine…

*Fort built by Joseph Brady


One Reply to “Foundations Week 5: Quarantine Challenge”

  1. Joe. This is the best thing Ive ever seen. Your brother is a true Covid hero. Also that fort is nicer than some apartments ive lived in. Well done. Hope youre staying safe out there!


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